Curriculum Vitae


Currently lives and works in Sydney, AUS (b. 1998) 


Instagram: @matteodalvera


2019     Bachelor of Design in Photography

             University of Technology Sydney, AUS 

Selected Exhibitions :

2020     The Bridge, Photobook NZ, ANZ Photobook Award, Massey University, NZ

2019     The Bridge, UTS Gallery, Sydney, AUS, Curated by Cherine Fahd and Sara Oscar

             Art for the Wilderness Auction, Queen Street Galleries, Sydney, AUS, 

              Curated by Rachel Knepfer and Emma Schofield

             Me and Adam, Sun Studios, Sydney, AUS, Curated by Benjamin Chadbond

             Palm Photo Prize, The Print Space Gallery, London, UK

Residencies and Awards:

2020     Student Photobook Winner, Australian & New Zealand Photobook Award, NZ

             Selected Attendee, Chico Hot Springs Portfolio Review, MT

2019     Finalist, Palm Photo Prize, Palm Studios, London, UK

             Residency, Collaboration with Pier 24 Photography Museum, CCA and UTS, CA

2018     Winner, Max Boddy Photography Award, University of Technology Sydney, AUS

Selected Publications:

2020     Paper Journal Magazine, Interview by Patricia Karallis (link)

             Tending to the Garden, Interview by Matthew Dunne (link)

             Aint-Bad, Feature by Bailey Dale (link)
             Booooooom, Feature by Anna Schneider (link)

Professional Experience:

2019 -   Darkroom Assistant for Sandra Barnard, Sandyprints, Sydney, AUS

             Photographer's Assistant for Derek Henderson, Rory Gardiner, Michael Brunt

             Photographer's Second Assistant for James Tolic

             Studio Assistant previously for Rosemary Laing, Sydney, AUS

2018 -   Technician at High Res Digital, Sydney, AUS