(b. 1998) Currently residing in Sydney, Australia.

Matteo Dal Vera is an artist and photographer based in Sydney, Australia. His work explores language as a construct, whether visual or spoken and it’s tendency to fall short of what one has to say. Through the storytelling sensibilities in his work, Dal Vera asks viewers to appreciate what meaning is lost, as well as what is found when experiences are translated through pictures.

In 2019, Dal Vera was granted a travel scholarship from the University of Technology Sydney to attend an intensive workshop in California, U.S.A, in partnership with Pier 24 Photography Museum and California College of the Arts. This studio program included visits with Todd Hido, Charlotte Cotton, Torbjørn Rødland, Mike Slack, Erica Deeman and John Chiara, amongst others. In addition to his personal practice, Dal Vera also works as Lab Assistant at High Res Digital and Darkroom Assistant at Sandyprints, Sydney. He has previously worked as an Assistant for Rosemary Laing, Derek Henderson and Mark Watson, as well as undertaking an internship with Rachel Knepfer, previously Editor of Photography at Rolling Stone Magazine in New York.